Setting Details

Core Premise

23 – AUG – 3023

North Gate sits in jump hub into the Davion space. Protecting the planet is vital to the security of House Davion, and Gateshead is central to the system’s security. Granted as a landhold, now a noble family struggles to hold on to a tentative peace while forces from within and without threaten.


Solar & Planetary Topography

  • North Gate is a star system with an orange star..
  • The star system has 12 planetary bodies.The largest is the gas giant of Texaco (96). It is so large that it has own jump points making transit through the system very easy. Gateshead supports a fuel refinery and support station in orbit of Texaco, drawing revenue off the travel.
    • Vanir – Gas giant
    • Tyr – Dwarf Terrestrial – Two chunks of a plant that was shattered by the destruction of Persimmon.
    • Aesir – Gas giant
    • Jotnar – Ice Giant – Sulphur/Mercury/Helium
    • Gateshead – Giant Terrestrial
    • Texaco (96) – Gas Giant- Gas mining operations, also acts as a secondary jump point with easy access to Gateshead.
    • Ullr – Dwarf Terrestrial – It get’s its name from the fact that it always appears to be chasing Texaco.
    • Baldur – Gas Giant
    • Loki – Terrestrial
    • Hel – Gas Giant
    • Vor – Gas Giant
    • Empty/Asteroid Field – Persimmon, was previously a planet
  • Vast overgrown urban centers that were abandoned/destroyed during the 1st and 2nd Succession Wars have made defeating the RTC a difficult task.
  • Gateshead is very tectonically active. Much of the planets industry is tied to the mining and refining of minerals brought near the surface by this activity. Nickel, Aluminum, Zinc. The equatorial belt in particular is known for Kimberlite deposits which are naturally rich in diamonds. Many of the now abandoned urban centers are boomtowns forgotten by the fickle mining industry.
  • Gateshead is 5 degrees cooler than your average garden world making for large glaciers in the poles and long winters.
  • Has a now nonfunctional orbital elevator, that in past years was used to ferry materiel offworld. Was irreparably damaged during the 4th uprising. A lot of resources are being directed towards preventing its collapse which would cause a worldwide catastrophe.

History and Politics.

  • Legend claims Gateshead was a depot for the 15th Army of the Star League Defense force, but any records to confirm it are lost. Treasure hunters, pirates, and adventurers search the system for any signs of a cache.
  • Hanse Davion granted a planet near the Outworlds Alliance / Combine border called Gateshead as a holding to a minor house. They were tasked with pacifying the indigenous Reformed Tatar Confederation (RTC) and securing the planet against Kurita incursions.. After two generations of fighting, a cease fire has been signed. Now, there is a chance for peace.
  • Kuritan agents have infiltrated Gateshead and are working to undermine the Duchy not through civilian uprising but by turning the Duke’s mechwarriors/lesser nobles against him.
  • Dowager Duchess has been meeting in secret with the Outworlds Alliance to discuss??? {Evil Laughter]
  • Materiel that is awaiting shipment off world has begun piling up and creating issues throughout the sector. Pirates have begun performing raids on the world to steal it and security is spread too thin to stop them.

Culture and Demographics

  • The Reformed Tartar Confederation is a tribal society governed by the Tribal Synod. The Confederation has fought against the Davion occupiers for two generations, until a cease fire was signed bringing the 4th Uprising to an end. There’s much bad blood, and both sides have atrocities for which to atone. Not everyone is happy with the treaty.
  • On Gateshead, a Kurita immigrant community struggles for recognition after being abandoned generations ago during a Kurita retreat. .
  • Secret offshoot religion combining pagan rituals with Catholicism has become popular with all levels of society.
  • Free Slot (Tom’s Slot)
  • Free Slot (Tom’s Slot)


John’s Character – Ferran Fath

  • Ferran Fath has been invaluable in advising the noble family in relations with the native RTC elements, helping the Duke to understand the history of the populace, their culture, goals, and ultimately gain the upper hand in negotiating peace with them. Baston sees him as a blood brother, Maddox as an uncle, and the Dowager Duchess despises him.
  • During the 4th Uprising Ferran Fath made a name for himself, when he recovered the body of the first duchal son from the RTC forces. They had stolen away with his body from his downed ‘mech for use as a propaganda piece to display publicly and rally support against the Duke. Fath’s efforts earned him the name “The Godfather”.
  • Had an affair within the Felon family. A bastard child was born but no one knows that Ferran is the true father. [insert maniacal laughter here]
  • Ferran is feeding information on the materiel to the pirates on the condition that they turn over 10% off proceeds to the locals.
  • Free Slot (Tom’s Slot)

Chris’ Character – Baston Felon

  • Duke of system trying to keep the peace among the numerous factions.
  • During the 4th Uprising you made a name yourself, when you dropped a mass driver to stop mass renegade tribals starting the 4th Uprising. The RTC now calls him, “The Butcher”.
    Is in love with someone who he cannot marry due to his duchal responsibilities.
  • The former Duchess was forced to divorce Felon and remarry to a higher station. Catherine Davion did not want to leave her husband and children.
  • Free Slot (Tom’s Slot)

Braulio’s Character – Maddox Felon

  • I am the son of the Duke, recently returned from the Albion Military Academy (AMA) further core-ward in Davion space. So much has changed over the years I have been gone that i am struggling to find/make my place in the household.
  • During the 4th Uprising I made a name myself, when my arrival heralded the end of conflict, returning home at the head of a supply convoy bearing fresh arms and supplies for the beleaguered house forces planetside. In the final battle, the opposing forces were woefully unprepared to face my fresh lance, and re-supplied allies, themselves bearing the wounds of prolonged conflict.
  • Fell in love with a Kurita mechpilot, while MIA on a training mission on the edge of Davion/Kurita space. Kamiyari’s niece.
  • Newly married Catherine is pressuring her new husband to adopt her children possibly making Maddox heir to House Davion.
  • Free Slot (Tom’s Slot)

Oscar’s Character – Kamiyari Shinichi

  • Representative of Kurita community. It is not specific weather he is appointed, chosen, or self nominated. Weather he is a business man, politician, or spy, he is the voice of Kurita on Gateshead.
  • Ensured no Kurita lives were lost in the 4th Uprising.
  • Kamiyari has been using his network of contacts to secure supplies and mercenary training for the RTC, while filtering defective munitions to the house forces.
  • Has been using network of contacts to bring in Outworlds Alliance representatives to meet with the Duchess.
  • Free Slot (Tom’s Slot)

Tom’s Character – Dowager Duchess [Insert Name] Felon

  • Why does your organization/family tie have value to the family that rules Gateshead.
  • During the 4th Uprising you made a name yourself, when you…
  • Infatuated with Kamiyari Shinichi, due to a combination of the respect he pays her as the oldest member of the house and the twinkle in his eye.
  • Is the mother of Ferran’s bastard son
  • Free Slot

Setting Details

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