Important Locations in Gateshead

Gateshead Locations

  • Highgate Hold: Capital city of Gateshead.

Solar Bodies

  • Tyr – The Pirate Haven: Tyr is what remains of the second planet of the North Gate System. The planet was shattered by the impact of large chunk of Persimmon, and formed trojan belt in the aftermath of the stellar catastrophe. Two large chunks of the planet are caught in the other’s gravitational well, orbiting one another. These two chunks, now called Tyr I and Tyr II, have become pirate havens used by smugglers who use the location as a quick access point for North Gate’s Nadir and Zenith jump points.
  • Texico (96) – A gas giant initially exploited by the Texico-Shell-Verengo Solar Conglomerate as a refueling point for colonization efforts in the Outworld Alliance. Texico is a large enough that it has it’s own Nadir and Zenith jump points. The proximity to Gateshead allows quick access to the capital planet. Orbiting the gas giant is Texico Station, a large gas mining facility dating back to the Star League. It is capable of fueling 36 dropships simultaneously, but the facility has degraded and only 25 of the docks are currently operational.
  • Persimmon – All that remains of Persimmon is a sparse asteroid belt. Persimmon’s destruction was the result of a planetary collision between the planet and an unknown rogue planet, called Geist. The pieces of Persimmon rained into the inner solar system bombarding the planets with its remains.

Important Locations in Gateshead

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