Fath's 'Mech


Souri is Ferran Fath’s Locust battlemech.

A single kill marker emblazons the nose of Souri, a Valkyrie class battlemech that Fath engaged and destroyed in a chance encounter during the final days of the 3rd Uprising.


Souri’s speed and anti-infantry capabilities have proven invaluable on the rapidly shifting battlefields of Gateshead. Her custom paint job is intended to draw attention and fire to the nimble machine, and in doing so provides protection to assets under Fath’s command.

Souri has only suffered minimal damage since Fath has been at her controls. Each arm has suffered a penetrating medium laser hit, but no damage to anything other than the internal super structure. Still, the technicians have warned that further strikes to the repaired areas may not hold up to initial defensive specifications.


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