Margrave Ferran Fath

Ducal liaison with Gateshead native populations


Ferran Fath is the designated adviser and military liaison between Gateshead’s ducal family and the indigenous Reformed Tatar Confederation. As such, he oversees that the members of the Confederacy supply troops and critical support to the duchy, and in turn he stands on behalf of the Confederacy in the ducal court.

Fath has served the duke loyally for 20 years, providing priceless insight into the mindset of Gateshead’s native population which has allowed the Davions, through Duke Fellon, to finally reach a position from which to negotiate a lasting peace.

Not a charming man, Fath has seen the worst life has to offer. He is hard, but fair, and does not have the best nicknames being whispered behind his back. Fath always looks as if he has not gotten a good night’s rest and his baseline demeanor is best described as irritated.

Fath is in his early 40s and speaks simply.


Born into squalor and on the run from Kuritan occupation, Fath joined the RTC insurgency to force a Kuritan withdraw from the world. When the world became property of the Davions, Fath gave up the battle against authority and instead tried a different route; peace. Joining the Duke’s household as a young adviser, Fath quickly gained recognition for his invaluable insight into the world’s complex political landscape. He rose through the political ranks quickly and became honorary family in short order.

Fath taught the Davion troops the RTC combat methods which he had learned from his life on the run from Kuritan authorities. In return, Fath learned the ways of the military juggernaut that is the Federated Suns, eventually training to be a mechwarrior alongside the Duke’s children. He put those skills to good use during the 4th Uprising when he recovered the first son’s body from RTC soldiers in a daring raid that earned him the love and admiration of his Davion overlords, and the scorn of RTC hardliners to this day.

Fath is aiming to squash anything that threatens the tenuous peace Gateshead is currently enjoying, but influences from off-world are threatening to once again plunge Gateshead into war.

Margrave Ferran Fath

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